Lowe’s Canada delivers used (John Deere) Tractors as New .. 3 times.

My parents recently purchased a John Deere riding tractor from Lowe’s Canada to use at their home. The purchase was expectedly simple – goto the store, pick out the tractor, pay for it. Unfortunately, thats where “expectedly simple” stopped.

My Mom made the purchase as a birthday present to my Dad, in December 2014 for delivery in Jan 2015 (his birthday being at the end of January). My dad was excited to receive his new tractor for the season.

The “new” tractor was delivered ….

1st tractor pic 5 1st tractor pic 1 1st tractor pic 4 1st tractor pic 3 1st tractor pic 2

Clearly NOT NEW, Ignition keys and owner’s manual were not included with the unit. A phone call was placed to Lowe’s where the tractor was purchased (Hamilton, Ontario) to the manager. They said they would replace the tractor, which they did.

The “new” (second) tractor was delivered …

2nd tractor pic 4 2nd tractor pic 2

Another phone call was made to Lowe’s (Hamilton), where the manager agreed not only to replace the tractor this time, but to upgrade it to the next model (for the same amount), because of the issues. Can’t really complain about the customer service. They were asked to contact customer support to confirm and explain the situation so their was a record. An email was sent.

To Lowes:

Please find the attached pics of the original shipment and the replacement shipment from your store in Hamilton, Ontario.

The pictures of the first tractor I received, will confirm that it was a used unit.  Ignition keys and owner’s manual were not included with the unit. I had no way to start the unit even if I had accepted it.

Grass and rust was evident on the mower assembly, the ignition switch was damaged, the bodywork was scratched, there was an oil leak at the engine and it was totally filthy.

As discussed, your Hamilton store manager assured me that the replacement tractor was being cleaned as we spoke on the phone.

As you can see by the pictures, the replacement unit was absolutely filthy and no attempt was made to make this product presentable and acceptable to any consumer.

During our discussions, I mentioned to you that a few weeks prior, I purchased a snow thrower from Lowes.  It was delivered in clean condition without any issues (you can see it in the background of jpg #131848).

It was for this reason that my wife placed the order with Lowes for a tractor.

Two years prior, I had purchased a John Deere Tractor from Home Depot, which I included with the sale of my property. It was delivered in “new” and clean condition.  This purchase was to replace my tractor.

My wife made this purchase for my 65th birthday, the surprise for which was totally ruined.

With this in mind, I would be very reluctant to make another purchase from Lowes Canada.

I can understand that these products are stored outside.  However, an attempt to make such a unit presentable should be made prior to shipping.

Yours very truly.

(My Dad)

 Lowe’s customer support promptly responded:

Hello (My Dad) ,

Thank you for sending these to me , I have documented the photos on your initial order as well as brought them to my manager for review.  The tractor is truly in unacceptable conditon , my sincerest apologies that you had the same experience the second time around also . This really is unusal and we are bringing this to the attention of our upper management to address with the Toronto area operations manager. A member of our management team will be contacting you within 24-72 hours.

This is not the lasting impression that we would like to leave you with, Lowe’s takes pride in not only our service to our customers but also in the merchandise that we offer.  Your complaint is taken very seriously and we want to prevent this from happening with any of our customers in the future.

Thank you for being a valued customer of Lowe’s and we do appreciate your business and taking the time to call me with your feedback .

Best Regards,

Venessa B
Customer Service Representative
Lowe’s Ca Customer Care
[p] 888-985-6937 x 2068

On March 29th, my dad reached out to Lowe’s to confirm the delivery of yet another tractor

To Lowe’s:

Hi Vanessa,

Simmon called me late Friday afternoon.

He advised me that my tractor would be delivered  April 10th.

He also assured me that the unit would be in new, unused  condition.

Thank you for your assistance and I look forward to getting my new tractor from Lowes.

Best regards,

(My Dad)


Hello (My Dad),

I reached out to the store manager , Simmon of the Hamilton location, to discuss the situation and extended offer for the D110.  The store manager is fully aware of all of the communication with Dave and Blake, as well as the pricing arrangement  for the D110 offered at the D105 price point.

Simmon will be contacting you to confirm and get you all taken care of . Please let me know if you need anything further ! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and thank you for being so patient.

Best Regards,

Venessa B
Customer Service Representative
Lowe’s Ca Customer Care
[p] 888-985-6937 x

Sounds good! Dad is now excited again, not only for his tractor – but to use it this spring!

The “new” (third) tractor came on April 9th, 2015

3rd tractor  pic 3 3rd tractor  pic 2 3rd tractor  pic 1

My dad has given up at this point, although left disappointed in the condition of this tractor, he just wanted it to be other with and accepted the tractor regardless.

He cleaned it himself



Lowe’s was actually quite helpful in its correspondence and customer support – I can’t seem to complain about that – but I would say the issue is with their quality control.

I personally don’t think this is acceptable, but since he has decided to accept the tractor – there isn’t much more he can do. He does not know I’m posting this to my social media circles.

Regardless, I’m not sure how John Deer would feel about Lowe’s sending out their products like this, nor Lowe’s corporate.

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I have been a devoted BlackBerry user and developer since the earlier days of RIM. The first app I ever wrote was for a BlackBerry 7250. BlackBerry has always been good to me. The first time I made money developing a smartphone application was because of BlackBerry. My company started with some high profile clients that had a BlackBerry infrastructure behind them.

I’ve had almost every BlackBerry under the sun since the 7250. For the last few years people had tried to convince me to switch to Android or Apple over and over again.  I have always loved my keyboard laden device. I had purchased a Google developer account before most people knew what an Android was; but I never really fell in love with the operating system.

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You can use this function not only to draw a gradient background, but gradient buttons on BlackBerry as well.

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Microsoft disabled hotlinks in their Messenger 09 (Messenger 14) product on November 13th, 2009.

There has been a recent spread of malicious links that can infect your computer with a virus and has prompted Microsoft to disable hotlinks in messenger. They recommend you upgrade to the latest version of messenger and that the disabled links are temporary.

If you are anything like me, you don’t want to be forced to do something that someone else imposes on you. The new messenger kind of sucks. Microsoft took out one of the best features – hand writing – so “upgrading” isn’t an option, at least not for me.

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UICC Update Fail 2, Torch 9800

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Yesterday my phone’s data connection stopped working when using the network. When the phone is connected to WiFi, everything works perfectly fine – BBM, Browser, Google Maps, BerryBlab. I called my provider and was able to get them to push my service books out to the phone.

Unfortunately this only made things worse.

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You are probably viewing this blog post looking for a quick way to get started programming for the BlackBerry device. Lucky for you, I have documented this process and you won’t have to spend hours looking for links that take you to old information about how to setup Eclipse with the BlackBerry JDE.

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