UICC Update Fail 2, Torch 9800

I have had my BlackBerry Torch 98000 since it’s release in the USA and brought it home to Canada. My network is currently Rogers and the Torch has been working without problem so far. I noticed Rogers had been pushing their apps to my phone (Zoompass, Rogers Store.. etc) over the last few days, likely to prepare for the Canadian Torch release.

Yesterday my phone’s data connection stopped working when using the network. When the phone is connected to WiFi, everything works perfectly fine – BBM, Browser, Google Maps, BerryBlab. I called my provider and was able to get them to push my service books out to the phone.

Unfortunately this only made things worse.

As soon as I got the service books, my phone took a dump. Yes, a dump. poop. explosive diarrhea.

What? UI-HUH? I called Rogers back immediately. The representative said that Rogers is likely “Blocking” my phone because it’s not a Rogers phone. I have at least 8 unlocked phones on Rogers and never seen or heard of them blocking a device. As usual, they didn’t know what they were talking about.


I don’t know what a UICC error is, but there was a picture of a SIM card on the error. Since getting a new SIM card is free that was my first step. I headed down to the store and asked for a new SIM. After the clerk admired my Torch and asked me how I liked OS6, he gave me a new SIM and I was on my way.

After the reboot, the phone still did not work. Now the WiFi connection I had working earlier also doesn’t work. *sigh*.

So now what?

I did what any good developer would do. I took my Torch and smashed it against the floor. (actually I dropped it by accident and I almost cried.) I wiped the entire device and started from scratch. Backed up and then restored everything and it all came back to life. I can’t confirm if the UICC error was SIM card related or not, but it’s gone now and I’m good to go again.

Questions, Comments?

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